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L'Angolo del Casaro (R)

Mozzarella Class

- Experience a “Mozzarella class ” here in the heart of Ravello at Caseficio Staiano, the best homemade mozzarella factory in Ravello.  Campania is known for its famous Mozzarella cheese, specifically fior di latte and provola. the famous Caseficio  Staiano are offering an opportunity for you to learn and experience first hand  how Mozzarella is made.

- The course will include:

  • A detailed lesson on which ingredients are used for the method
  • A live demonstration of the process from start to finish including different Mozzarella products
  • An opportunity for some hands on and live interaction
  • At the end of the demonstration there will be an opportunity to taste everything that has been prepared
  • There will also be some associated tastings to accompany the cheese
  • Two glasses of wine (red or white) for each person who participates

Come and join us for this unique experience. For further information:


address:  Piazza Fontana Moresca, 1 84010 Ravello SA Italy

telephone: 089 857271 


other web site: 

@latteria Ravello